Innovation, To The Next Step

With our company being a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION this allows us to be able to provide an amazing future of sports right here in Keizer/Salem.

Wouldn't it be nice to get professional coaching and training for your kids right here in our home town without having to send them away to another State or far location. This is only possible with the FULL SUPPORT OF OUR COMMUNITY helping us to grow and get more equipment etc..

Remember that when you make a donation or sponsor with TRUE NORTH SPORTS INC it is not a gamble, but it is an investment in all of our future beginning with the youth of our next generation.

We do not yet have our tax exempt letter from the IRS. We DO have our 501(c)(3) and we thank you for helping make this possible for everybody with your generous offers.


Your donation grows the future, 1 DREAM on the same TEAM


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