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TRUE NORTH SPORTS INC is a new NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION serving youth sports in the Keizer/Salem area. We focus on improving athletic skills and developing good character increasing the chances for success as an adult. Athletes will have the opportunity to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


TRUE NORTH SPORTS INC will run sports clinics throughout the year. This will help athletes learn more about the sport they're involved in.

We will focus on developing new skills and proper techniques while promoting safety and decreasing chances of injury. More than 3.5 million youth athletes are treated for sports injury per year.

When I was a Junior in High School I shattered my hand playing football and was not able to participate in sports for the remaining year until the following year. I had surgery to fix my hand with plates and screws. I had to attend physical therapy to learn how to use my hand and again.

My injury was from a lack of knowledge on the field because I did not have proper training.  Sports training was not available to me and I paid for it by a serious injury. This set me back athletically for an entire year which affected my college decisions and scholarship opportunities. To this very day as an adult I still struggle with proper use of my left hand from that injury 16 years ago.  TRUE NORTH SPORTS INC wants to help young athletes develop good habits knowing what to do on the field at any given situation.  This in hope and theory will lower risk of injuries.  

Training programs will also be available to help young athletes learn proper technique to improve strength and conditioning.  TRUE NORTH SPORTS INC training programs will help with understanding and setting realistic goals and how to stay on track to achieve them safely.


Sports programs will occur after school hours usually ranging 1-2 hours. This will allow us to have enough time to work with athletes to develop good sports training habits including a solid warm up and a proper cool down.

Sports clinics will occur on mainly weekends, spring break, and summer.

Training programs will be available year round to promote healthy workouts.

Note: There is a difference between a TRAINING PROGRAM and a SPORTS CLINIC. Both are part of TRUE NORTH SPORTS INC available programs.

For more info please refer to our contacts page and fill out the form or email our staff and include your questions, or any thoughts you may have along with your info.


Available in the Keizer/Salem area


Remember: NOT ALL GOOD WORKOUTS ARE DIFFICULT WORKOUTS. As an athlete it is very important to have a wide range of training to improve things like balance, flexibility, energy level, good range of motion for injury prevention, quick reactions, strength, increased awareness and so much more.

When I played SEMI-PRO football for the RAIDERS, I dedicated 3 solid years of my life to becoming the best I could be. In my mind I thought I had to be the baddest, toughest dude on the field. I focused on strength too much so I could destroy the opponent across from me.

I had a few invites to go pro and what they were looking for totally threw me for a loop. I then realized that NFL, CFL, and ARENA football were not looking for the biggest baddest dude on the field. In fact they were signing contracts to guys half my size. They were looking for SOLID ATHLETES. This means somebody who could work angles with speed and accuracy. Somebody who could work under pressure with accuracy and perfect technique. 

This opened my eyes to a whole new level of training which I plan on pouring into our next generation of athletes beginning with youth.  TRUE NORTH SPORTS INC wants to help you gain the competitive edge learning new skills that will help throughout a lifetime.


Guiding young athletes along the way of sports helping them find their TRUE NORTH by making real life adjustments.  Brought to you by TRUE NORTH SPORTS INC.